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Beautiful patio space with huge patio doors


Along with separating the interiors from the exteriors, patio and garden doors adorn your space elegantly. The doors add a bit of an aesthetic element to your living space. Gainer Windows & Doors is a trusted name for beautiful, high-quality patio and garden doors in Sudbury and surrounding areas. We have a variety of options in both categories to help you make your residential space comfortable and beautiful. You can trust us to provide you with installation services too. Our professional door installers are trained in installing all kinds of doors and can help you with repair work too. Contact us for more information on door installation in Sudbury.

Glass doors open into a balcony


Are you looking for an option to separate the interiors of your house from the exteriors without adding a barrier? A beautiful patio door can serve the purpose. The multi-purpose door adds the benefits of windows and doors while making your space look elegant and spacious. The doors are fitted with oversized glasses so that you can enjoy the outside view without any hindrance. 


Gainer Windows & Doors offers patio doors with a variety of options. According to your needs and style preference, you can choose doors with glass, grills, and mini blinds. Our doors come with several security features and hardware options. We offer a range of custom colours too.


Replace your traditional sliding patio door with a stylish garden door for a modern look. While allowing easy access to the backyard, garden doors also offer maximum ventilation in your home. Gainer Windows & Doors offers various hinging options to help you customize your door according to your needs. We also have doors with rolling screens and retractable screens. You can choose from various custom colours to match your home's palette. 

Wooden garden door with glass and an arch
Glass doors in a bedroom that opens into a balcony


Our garden doors are available in a variety of colours and designs.

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